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N-Sea Poland. Innovation and strategic partnerships [video]
Date of publication: 21.12.2023

In light of the expansive development of the Polish offshore wind sector, innovative solutions and strategic partnerships are becoming key elements. These aspects play a fundamental role in shaping the future of renewable energy sources. During the Offshore Wind Logistics & Supplies conference organised by Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society, Peter Cherneski, director of Baltics at N-Sea Poland, talked about the need for synergy between global trends and local needs.

Peter Cherneski emphasised the importance of deep understanding of the domestic market and the need to adapt global strategies to the specificity of Poland. He particularly noted how N-Sea Poland combines innovative technologies and expertise with strong partnerships to maximise the efficiency and safety of offshore projects. He also discussed the challenges and opportunities offered by the development of the sector, including appropriate risk management and integration with the local supply chain.

Thanks to its international experience and involvement in local initiatives, N-Sea Poland appears as a key player on the Polish offshore market, which is ready to provide not only advanced technologies and services, but also bring value through partnerships and cooperation with domestic enterprises. Cherneski noted that such synergy is necessary to achieve long-term success in an industry that is growing rapidly and requires constant adaptation to new challenges.

N-Sea Poland is involved in various aspects of offshore projects, from initial geotechnical research, through support during the construction phase, to operation and maintenance after construction. An important element that Cherneski drew attention to is the neutralisation of unexploded ordnance (UXO), which is particularly important in the Baltic Sea due to historical remnants of wars. He also emphasised the importance of providing comprehensive solutions that not only respond to specific technical design challenges, but also contribute to safety and environmental protection. He spoke about the importance of advanced technologies such as remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and the wide range of IRM (Inspection, Repair, Maintenance) services that the company offers.

In the context of cooperation with the local market, Cherneski noted that N-Sea tries not only to find appropriate business partners, but also to actively participate in creating an ecosystem that supports the development of the entire industry. A significant step for N-Sea is the cooperation with MAG Offshore announced in September. This strategic alliance opens up new opportunities for both companies, both in project implementation and in creating innovative solutions, especially in the areas of maritime coordination and operational management, which is crucial for the effective and safe conduct of work at sea.

N-Sea Poland, headed by Peter Cherneski, is strengthening its influence on the Polish offshore market, using an innovative approach and strategic alliances. The company, going beyond traditional frameworks, effectively combines global trends with local conditions, which is the foundation for its success in the dynamically developing renewable energy industry.

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