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OT Port Gdynia will welcome larger ships
Date of publication: 09.02.2024

- OT Port Gdynia is the most versatile port terminal in Poland. It is also becoming increasingly competitive. Thanks to investments by the Port of Gdynia Authority in, among other things, the Romanian Wharf leased by OTPG, the terminal can receive panamax-class vessels with a draft of up to 14.5 meters and capable of carrying up to 80,000 tons of agro products, including grain. It is grain that is one of the most promising products today. We are constantly observing rapidly growing demand for storage, handling and export services for grain from Poland. We are convinced that this, among others, growing trend in the area of agro products logistics in the coming years will be the impetus for further development of Polish terminals," says Kamil Jedynak, President of OT Logistics.

Among other things, as part of the investment carried out by the Port of Gdynia Authority, the entrance to the port of Gdynia was rebuilt, a turntable was built, the main port channel was dredged and Pool V was deepened in the part of the new Romanian Quay leased by OTPG. The Romanian Wharf can already accommodate vessels with a draft of up to 14.5 meters (previously it was 13 meters).

- The capacity of the Romanian Wharf is three to four panamax-class vessels per month. We expect a lot of customer interest, especially since this is currently the largest berth in Polish ports for handling agro cargoes in terms of allowable vessel draft. Thanks to the new quay capacity and ongoing investments in the development of handling equipment, the OTPG terminal can realize the loading of ships with homogeneous cargo at a rate of about 18,000 tons per day. The increase in ship handling capacity represents a whole new quality for our customers and the ability to participate more flexibly in tenders in countries buying grain from Poland, including African or Persian Gulf countries, thanks to the ability to ship up to 80 thousand tons with a single vessel - previous loadings of about 60 thousand tons," says Jerzy Majewski, President of OTPG.

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