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Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.

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80-416 Gdańsk

classification, appraisal and technical survey of the construction, reconstruction and operation of ships, yachts and other vessels, as well as facilities related to the exploration and exploitation of the sea and water bodies,
technical supervision over the production of materials for the construction, repair and equipment of ships,
statutory surveys of vessels (acc. to SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line, etc.), within powers given by governments,
certification of safety management systems of ship operators for compliance with ISM Code,
certification of ship security systems for conformity with the requirements of ISPS Code,
certification for compliance with the requirements of MLC 2006,
survey of containers under construction and in service, testing, inspection and approval of containers,
development of ship stability and cargo software for specific ships,
reporting, monitoring and verification of CO2 emission from ships (MRV),
assessment of technical condition of the ship's machinery,
development of the provisions for statutory survey of sea-going vessels and classification regulations,
type approval of products, so called EU RO Mutual Recognition,
advice to ship-owners in emergency situations (ERC),
approval of 2nd method for determining the verified container weight (VGM),
technical supervision over cubature and hydro-technical construction as well as construction and operation of environmental protection objects,
technical supervision over the construction and operation of pipelines, transportation systems for gas, oil and petroleum products, power and cooling equipment and industrial installations,
technical supervision over the construction and operation of roads, highways, bridges, viaducts and related facilities,
certification and supervision over the design, construction and operation of fixed offshore platforms, based on PRS regulations approved by the Ministry of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation,
certification of offshore wind power plants components (MEW),
supervision over the design, construction and operation of offshore wind farms (MFW),
certification and supervision over the design, construction and operation of energy systems based on renewable energy sources (RES),
reliability and risk assessments of industrial facilities,
technical supervision over floating objects permanently moored,
products certification and assessment for conformity with EU directives and regulations,
certification of welding personnel within the scope of the PED directive,
testing of products in PRS Testing Laboratory,
verification of annual reports of GHG emissions within EU ETS,
certification of management systems for compliance with international standards,
EMAS verification,
external audits of packaging waste operators and of electronic and electrical equipment recovery organizations,
training in the area of management systems, engineering and technology as well as applicable IMO and EU regulations.

ship classification
yacht classification
ship supervision
statutory survey
underwater inspection
investor supervision
product approval
works approval
ISM certification
ISPS certification
product certification
management system certification
training course
shipyard courses
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