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PORR will take care of the hydrotechnical part of the installation terminal in Świnoujście
Date of publication: 27.11.2023

PORR won the tender for the construction of the hydrotechnical part of the offshore installation terminal in Świnoujście, announced by the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority. The works are scheduled to last until mid-2025.

PORR will be responsible for expanding quays no. 1 and 2 (they will be extended to 250 meters each) and deepening the water area to 10.5 meters. A sheet piling will also be built for the future quay no. 3, and dredging works are to deepen this part to 12.5 meters. Part of the water area between the planned wall and the current quay no. 3 will be landlocked. The contractor will also have to obtain appropriate use permits for each part of the investment. Ultimately, two 250-meter quays will be built, capable of servicing installation ships.
At the same time, work on the land part will be carried out by Budimex. On the sites it develops, it will be possible to pre-assemble wind turbine elements with dimensions exceeding 100 meters in height and weighing 1,000 tons. The land part of the works on the Baltic Power terminal in Świnoujście is to be completed in December 2024.
PORR is a Polish company experienced in complex hydrotechnical works. The offer it submitted in the tender amounted to PLN 170,623,352.94 and was the lowest of the total of nine submitted to the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, while there was a difference of over PLN 110 million between PORR's offer and the highest one submitted in the tender.
The consortium of Gap Insaat Yatirim Ve Diş Ticare and Fabe Polska (PLN 176.81 million), the consortium of NDI and NDI SOPOT (PLN 183.69 million), Budimex (PLN 187.38 million), the consortium of Roverpol and Rover Maritime (PLN 228.78 million), Doraco (PLN 236.87 million), Erbud (PLN 238.55 million), Strabag (PLN 277.37 million) and China Harbor Engineering Company (PLN 286.86 million) also submitted offers in the tender.

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