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PŻB Offshore - the latest player in the offshore wind energy sector
Date of publication: 13.02.2023

The Polish ferry company Polferries has introduced a new brand called PŻB Offshore. An offshore wind farm service fleet is to be provided by the entity for future projects.

The company begins the process of implementing a new shipping initiative. PŻB Offshore is a newly established company with experience and ambition in the offshore wind energy industry. The company's motto is global solutions in the field of offshore wind shipping and logistics delivered locally. With the involvement of experienced employees and foreign partners, the company has created a platform for the development of offshore wind projects in Poland that is innovative on the market.

PŻB Offshore provides international solutions for offshore wind energy service fleets delivered locally. Brand policy focuses on the following areas:

  • part of the company's development and business diversification plans,
  • innovations: organizational, social, technological, and product,
  • role of "local content" for Polish Offshore Wind Energy participation in the energy transformation of the state of Poland,
  • creating added value for local communities.
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