Siemens Gamesa inaugurates new office in Gdansk -
Siemens Gamesa inaugurates new office in Gdansk
Date of publication: 13.12.2023

Siemens Gamesa, the global leader in the supply and maintenance of offshore wind turbines, officially opened its new office in Gdańsk on December 11, 2023. Situated at Leona Droszynskiego 24, within the Format office building, the Siemens Gamesa Baltic Sea Offshore Execution Centre marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to the burgeoning offshore wind industry in Poland.

The strategic choice of Gdansk, the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, reflects its close proximity to the evolving offshore wind sector. This move signifies a substantial stride for Siemens Gamesa, positioning the Gdansk hub as the first competence center in Poland exclusively committed to the development of the offshore wind industry.

Paweł Przybylski, Managing Director at Siemens Gamesa Poland, expressed the global nature of the team's responsibilities, stating, "The main important topic is, of course, that we can open this office and hire many talented people that will work on different offshore execution projects, mainly, of course, in Poland. But as we still do not have any single wind turbine operations in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea, these people will serve for different projects, in fact, globally. So, I think this is the main activity and the best advantage we can have."

The Siemens Gamesa Baltic Offshore Execution Centre has commenced operations with plans to employ approximately 80 professionals in Gdansk, complemented by at least 70 technical staff deployed across various locations in Poland. Paweł Przybylski noted the enthusiastic response from individuals interested in joining the team, citing it as the best proof that choosing Gdansk as the location was the right decision.

"At the moment, around 80 people are working here in the office, plus there is a huge team of technicians that work in the projects directly, meaning either in the pre-assembly harbors or directly as commissioners on the turbines," added Paweł Przybylski, underlining the immediate impact of the new office.

Bjoern de Sousa, Senior Vice President Offshore Execution at Siemens Gamesa, echoed the sentiments, emphasizing the significance of the Gdansk office in the company's broader strategy. "For us, it's a very significant step. Poland offers a huge offshore pipeline and Gdansk offers a huge talent pool with proximity to universities. So opening this office means another step for us into growing our workforce here."

He went on to explain the challenges Siemens Gamesa is currently facing, stating, "Siemens Gamesa is facing some challenging times. We have some quality issues in the onshore area. In offshore, the challenge will be to master the growth. There's a lot of demand for offshore globally. We have a lot of projects in the backlog and for that, we also need to expand our workforce. And that's why we also came here to Gdansk."

This move aligns with Siemens Gamesa's commitment to supporting the Polish market and contributing to offshore projects globally. The company has experienced substantial growth in the past 12 months, expanding its workforce in Poland in the Offshore Execution team from 10 to 160 people, with plans for continued growth in Gdansk.

Paweł Przybylski also highlighted strategic contracts secured by Siemens Gamesa in collaboration with Polenergia/Equinor, RWE, and PGE/Ørsted, receiving the first Preferred Supplier Agreements for the development of offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea, including MFW Baltyk II and MFW Baltyk III farms.

"Tricity was our optimal location since it offers all the amenities of a major city while being close to the seaside. Simultaneously, it maintains excellent connectivity with other Polish cities, such as Warsaw," explained the Managing Director, emphasizing the thoughtfulness behind selecting Gdansk as the base for Siemens Gamesa's new office.

Siemens Gamesa underscores its commitment to its employees, offering various company perks, including the option of hybrid work, enhancing flexibility in their daily routines. As the company navigates challenges and seeks to capitalize on the global demand for offshore wind projects, the Gdansk office stands as a crucial asset in Siemens Gamesa's strategic vision for the future. 


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