Airmech expands business with yacht service  -
Airmech expands business with yacht service
Date of publication: 02.08.2022

Experts specializing in yacht equipment, the Gdansk-based company Airmech is steadily expanding its business. On the occasion of the opening of the yacht service, owner Paweł Pojawa tells us why it's worthwhile to do inspections of vessels and what to pay special attention to.

Recently, Airmech specialists underwent training that enabled them to become authorized to repair, sell and service yacht heaters produced by Eberspächer and Webasto, leaders in their field.

„This helped us a lot to develop the service we opened a month ago in the building of the National Sailing Center, on the marina side," says Paweł Pojawa, owner of Airmech.

The head of the company reveals that expanding the business to include servicing yachts was prompted by life.

„The idea is to make everything quick and convenient for the customer. All you have to do is drive up with the yacht, moor the vessel in the NSC marina and return after the service is done after about two or three hours. We already have experience with such service, so we wanted to create a new dimension of it" he explains.

The company specializes in servicing recreational yachts. The quality of its services is confirmed by the authorization it received from Dometic, a company that specializes mainly in yacht air conditioning.

- Although we have been servicing for more than two years, until now it was a flying service involving commuting. Now we are changing the dimension of this service, the customer can come to us at a convenient time," explains Pojawa, adding that the inspiration to expand the service was the way of service in authorized car services.

The first customers are satisfied - so much so that the number of requests has exceeded the expectations of Airmech experts.

„We thought this year would be quieter, but it quickly became clear that repairing equipment from three different companies - air conditioning and two types of heating - in one place was something yacht owners had been expecting for a long time,” he explains.

Yacht inspection is worth doing on time

It turns out that not all shipowners perform the overhaul of their machines on time. 

„It is worth taking care of this even before the season. We are talking about a minor overhaul of essential equipment on the yacht. Much more trouble will come if, during the vacation, you suddenly find that the air conditioning or heating does not work" – says Paweł Pojawa.

Experts from Airmech emphasize that after the season, many owners put the yacht ashore, forget about it, and after a long time they hope to take it out on the water without much fuss.

„A non-functioning refrigerator, a moldy air conditioner, or even small animals in the ventilation ducts will certainly not make your vacation any more pleasant. It's worth putting the equipment in the hands of professionals in good time" he states.

The season is in full swing. What's new in the yachting industry?

Paweł Pojawa admits that the situation in tourism and the yachting industry has improved significantly. „Everything has revived" he assesses. „Problems with the availability of materials are over. Everyone has learned a lesson from the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. We have learned forethought and investment planning. I would even say that currently the industry is doing well, projects are plentiful.”

Airmech is not idle. Currently, the Gdańsk-based company has established cooperation in the field of sewage treatment, including with the Sunreef shipyard, Remontowa shipyard and smaller shipyards producing housboats.

The company regularly participates in the design, installation and commissioning of wastewater treatment systems, which are increasingly being installed on yachts.

„Such thinking among shipowners has been forced by ecology. Everyone wants the water to actually be clean. Previously, wastewater was discharged into the water, but now the awareness of boat users has increased. Such systems are already being installed on a daily basis," he explains.

The head of Airmech admits that the development of yacht service is also connected with the prevailing trends.

„Of course, such treatment plants should be properly inspected, cared for their technical condition. We also take care of this," he concludes.

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