Better and better railway tracks to the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście -
Better and better railway tracks to the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście
Date of publication: 03.02.2022

The rebuilt tracks to the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście increase the efficiency of railways and the ability to handle sea shipping. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. are completing a project worth approximately PLN 1.5 billion - co-financed by the EU's CEF Connecting Europe Facility. The organization of the works ensures constant access of trains to the quays.

The reloading capacity of the stations in Świnoujście and Szczecin will increase. The investment of Polish railway company PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. will ensure the running of longer and heavier trains. There will be 750-meter-long trains with a load of 221 kN per axle. This will enable the handling of a greater number of containers. Cargo trains will be handled faster and more efficiently. The time of reloading in ports will be shortened by several to even several dozen minutes.

- Projects in the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście are important on a national and international scale. Investments increase the role of railways as efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport of goods and will bring measurable effects for the economy. PLK's activities fit in with the idea of the European Green Deal - says Arnold Bresch, member of the Management Board of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.

Most of the works at the Szczecin Central Port station were completed. About 50 of the 60 km of new tracks are laid. 126 out of 177 turnouts were installed – these are important elements of the line, enabling a smooth change of track. The ground for the construction of further tracks is being prepared and strengthened. This will enable efficient and safe passage of heavier freight trains. The contractor is assembling poles and supporting structures on which the new traction network will be hung. Railway traffic control devices are installed. The efficient and safe transport of goods to and from the port is ensured by the modernization of engineering facilities.

In Świnoujście, out of 35 km of new tracks, the last few kilometers are being laid. The works are performed between the Lubiewo (Międzyzdroje) station and Warnowo, and in the area of the Euroterminal. Over 100 of 108 turnouts have already been installed. In the area of the Port of Świnoujście, a second track is being built between Świnoujście Przytór and Świnoujście stations. As a result, the capacity will increase - more trains will go, which will ensure a better transport offer.

Thanks to the port investment, travelers have gained better access to railways from new platforms at Świnoujście Warszów and Świnoujście Port stops, as well as the Świnoujście station. They have shelters, benches and bright lighting. People with mobility difficulties will benefit from the ramp. The road from the Świnoujście Port stop to the Świnoujście station is ready.

- I am pleased to see the good condemnation of work on the access tracks to the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście. It is an important and strategic project co-financed by the CEF in the amount of almost EUR 120 million. Thanks to the investment, rail access to ports will be improved, which means that more goods will be transported to and from ports by green transport, which is rail - says Morten Jensen, Head of Unit at CINEA.

The project "Improving rail access to seaports in Szczecin and Świnoujście" is worth approx. PLN 1.5 billion (net), with the use of European Union funds from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) in the amount of approx. PLN 500 million. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. plan the investment by mid-2022.

Investment in numbers:
> 96 km of new tracks (61 km in Szczecin and 35 km in Świnoujście)
> 285 turnouts (177 in Szczecin and 108 in Świnoujście)
> 84 km of new traction network (approx. 50 km in Szczecin and 34 km in Świnoujście)
> 22 reconstructed rail-road crossings (12 in Szczecin and 10 in Świnoujście).

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