Both storage yards of the Logistics Center in Gdynia will be ready six months ahead of schedule -
Both storage yards of the Logistics Center in Gdynia will be ready six months ahead of schedule
Date of publication: 24.12.2021

Two maneuvering and storage yards, i.e. over 17 hectares for the storage of containers and wind farm elements, will be ready half a year ahead of schedule. 85,000 cubic meters of concrete were needed to complete the Logistics Center investment in the Port of Gdynia.

Storage and maneuvering yards were built on the premises of the Logistics Center at ul. Logistyczna in Gdynia. The general contractor is the Sopot-based company NDI, which has kept the pace of work from the very beginning.

- The current stage of work advancement is over 90 percent. In November, we completed the concrete pavement laying works. Thanks to the full commitment of the team and subcontractors, over 185,000 m2 of surface were completed within six and a half months - says Przemysław Młynarczyk, construction manager at NDI. - According to the contract, the completion date of the investment was planned for the end of June 2022, so we were ahead of it by about half a year.

And what's next?

The fence around square no. 2 is currently being built (it is already built on square no. 1). The assembly of cooling platforms and a fire-fighting tank with a pumping station are in progress. The plans also include minor paving works, soil humusification and construction of green areas, as well as the assembly of control cabinets for cooling platforms and the completion of the assembly of the platforms.

- They will be made as soon as the weather permits. But now the squares are ready to be put into use - emphasizes Przemysław Młynarczyk.

The squares are 45 centimeters thick and have a load capacity of 20 tons per square meter. About 55 thousand m3 of pavement concrete were used for their construction and about 30 thousand m3 of concrete were needed for the main foundation. The surface was arranged in a single layer, made of fiber-reinforced concrete. In addition, concrete slabs were dowelled in all directions. Such a quick implementation of this investment was possible thanks to the combination of various paving technologies and the setting of a concrete mixing plant on the construction site. The works were carried out 24 hours a day.

A chance for development

The investment of the Port of Gdynia also included the execution of a linear drainage system as well as the reconstruction and construction of underground and overground utilities, i.e. the construction of a rainwater sewage system, sanitary sewage system, water supply system, the so-called hydrant with a tank and fire water pumping station.

- Cooperation of the Port of Gdynia Authority with the construction corporation NDI S.A. can be an example of how to carry out such projects in an exemplary manner. From the very beginning, the contractor showed great commitment to the project implementation. For us, the yards and infrastructure in the western part of our port open up new possibilities for servicing various cargo groups - starting with those that have been present in our port for many years, as well as completely new, such as elements of offshore wind farms. These activities are the key to the competitiveness of the port and enable the continued high level of functioning of the Port of Gdynia - says Jacek Sadaj, President of the Port of Gdynia Authority.

The value of the investment is over PLN 70.7 million net. Thanks to the new yards, the Port of Gdynia has a chance for development. Already today, the city is part of the trans-European transport network, which is why the intermodal connections that will be implemented in this part of the port are so important.

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