Chipolbrok delivered elements of the Grudziądz power plant to Gdańsk -
Chipolbrok delivered elements of the Grudziądz power plant to Gdańsk
Date of publication: 06.04.2024

The Chipol Changjiang ship belonging to Chipolbrok docked at the Port of Gdańsk on March 29. The ship delivered elements of the gas and steam power plant in Grudziądz.

The 187-meter Chipol Changjiang freighter moored at the Oliwskie Quay in Gdańsk on March 29. The unloading of the contents of the hold began immediately. There were, among others, elements of the gas and steam power plant that Orlen is building in Grudziądz. The 350-ton structure was reloaded onto a barge, on which it will sail down the Vistula River to Grudziądz.

– This is an implementation that fits into the rhythm of energy-related orders to Poland – says Janusz Kuźmicki, Sales Department Manager, Chipolbrok Gdynia. – We are very pleased with the fact that Chipolbrok ships have started calling here regularly. Last year we had 12 calls to Gdańsk. We transported a total of 90,000 freight tons related to large projects, including those implemented by Orlen, such as Olefin, as well as for the gas and steam power plant in Ostrołęka – he adds.

Chipol Changjiang is a multi-purpose vessel designed to transport heavy loads. It is equipped with cranes that can lift up to 400 tons in total. The vessel's carrying capacity is nearly 37,000 tons. Chipolbrok uses it in linear services. As Janusz Kuźmicki says, Chipol Changjiang from Gdańsk will sail to Antwerp, which is the shipowner's base port in Europe. There, they will undertake 22,000 tons of cargo – 33-meter-long steel profiles for the Neom project, a futuristic city on the Red Sea coast, which is being built in Saudi Arabia.

– Chipolbrok ships deliver some cargo from Europe for the needs of this project. Our office in Shanghai also transports wind farms to this port. After Saudi Arabia, we call at Mumbai, it is our most important port in India. We also have about 10,000 tons of cargo waiting there – heavy items, steel, oversize... The ship's employment is specified. From our point of view, a nice thing is that Poland appeared on maps related to the activities of our company, which serves all continents and transports project cargo – says Janusz Kuźmicki.

The Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company Chipolbrok is a state-owned shipowner in which the governments of Poland and China have half of the shares, and at the same time one of the oldest operating Polish maritime companies.

– The company has been developing continuously for 73 years. We currently have approximately 30 ships in operation. We serve all continents – says Kuźmicki. – We sail to North America, South America, Australia, and serve Europe and China. We have become an important player on the oversize and heavy goods transport market. We are very pleased with the cooperation with Chinese partners. The Chinese economy is a powerful exporter that all countries in the world take into account. Thanks to this, we have access to interesting projects – adds the Sales Department Manager at Chipolbrok Gdynia.

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