Initially, 130 ships will be handled by the new Orlen terminal per year, but this number will eventually increase -
Initially, 130 ships will be handled by the new Orlen terminal per year, but this number will eventually increase
Date of publication: 19.02.2023

It is anticipated that the sea transhipment terminal of the Orlen Group, which will be built by 2025 on the Martwa Wisla wharf in Gdansk, will initially be able to handle about 130 ships per year. A company internal journal, Magazyn GO!, reported that the number of units would ultimately be three times higher.

According to Magazyn GO!, Orlen Group's investments in Pomerania will facilitate the handling of over one million tons of petroleum products and chemicals. This investment is "closely related" to Gdansk's Hydrocracking Oil Unit (HBO), which is also under construction and will produce 400,000 tons of oil and tens of thousands of tons of fuel intermediates annually.

"By building a sea transhipment terminal as part of its merger with Grupa Lotos, Orlen strengthens its position as an investor who invests intensively in acquired assets. Accordingly, we confirm our previous assurance that the Gdansk plant will not be affected by this connection" - noted the Orlen Group publication.

According to the article, "The purpose of the terminal is to provide another route to and from the Gdańsk Refinery", which will entail "an additional benefit of reducing the load on the rail siding at the refinery in addition to becoming independent of other transshipment ports".

"The terminal will initially be able to handle about 130 ships per year, but this number is expected to triple in the future." – announced the publication. It was stressed that one ship can hold as much product as three railroad depots, and tankers will start mooring at the Martwa Wisla quay in 2025.

NDI Group from Sopot will be leading a consortium of companies that will carry out the investment, with a budget of PLN 0.5 billion. Also, it was indicated that, in light of the rising price of construction materials and supplies as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the implementation of this project requires the cooperation of a strong entity, such as the Orlen Group.

It was noted by Magazyn GO! that construction of a modern HBO installation for the production of "high-quality group II base oils" began in 2022 in Gdańsk, where - due to their superior oxidation resistance, high viscosity index, and low sulfur content - "they are gradually replacing group I base oils".

"As a result of the HBO project, petroleum product margins will grow" - the publication explains. The Orlen Group's competitiveness will also be enhanced by the introduction of group II base oils to the Polish and foreign markets.

It is mentioned in the article that the HBO project is being carried out by the Italian company Kinetics Technology. The investment is valued at more than 1.4 billion Polish zlotys. "A completion date has been set for 2025." - reported Magazyn GO!.

Another investment being carried out by Lotos Kolej, one of the leading freight railway companies in Poland, is the purchase of 10 electric locomotives. "Its value is approx. PLN 160 million" - it was announced. It was also stated that "the company intends to implement investments in photovoltaics and heat pumps in order to meet the growing costs of energy and gas".

Source: PAP
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