MEWO has a new ship. Amber Cecilia is already under the Polish flag -
MEWO has a new ship. Amber Cecilia is already under the Polish flag
Date of publication: 04.12.2022

The MEWO company from Straszyn has enriched its fleet with a new ship. The specialist unit Amber Cecilia has already been registered under the Polish flag and is being prepared to handle offshore projects.

The MEWO company specializes in environmental, geophysical and geotechnical research and measurements, including, among others, for the needs of energy projects in various reservoirs, including, of course, the Baltic Sea. MEWO actively participates in the development of offshore wind farms in the Polish economic zone on the Baltic Sea.

Invaluable help in this type of activities will be a new ship, the purchase of which MEWO informed via social media. The vessel was purchased by MEWO S.A. under the new name Amber Offshore. The ship is already named Amber Cecilia and has been registered under the Polish flag.

Amber Cecilia is a less than 60-meter long OSV (offshore supply vessel) with a carrying capacity of 788 tons. According to MEWO, the ship will be used primarily for geotechnical, geophysical, service and servicing of ROVs in Polish offshore projects.

The company also states that the ship was "purchased by private Polish investors, including many employees of MEWO S.A.". In addition, it will be manned by a Polish crew and operated by Polish agencies, offices and certification bodies. "This is an unprecedented situation, because according to the statistics of the Maritime Chamber, it is the first conventional ship of this type entered into the Polish Register of Ships after 1989" - writes MEWO.

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