MSC Poland Focuses on Innovation, Expansion, and Intermodal Transportation -
MSC Poland Focuses on Innovation, Expansion, and Intermodal Transportation
Date of publication: 04.07.2024

MSC Poland, as a leader in the transportation industry, consistently focuses on innovation, expansion, and providing its customers with the solutions and services they need to transport their goods worldwide.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has followed a path of dynamic growth since the purchase of its first vessel, MV Patricia, in 1970 by Captain Gianluigi Aponte, the company’s founder. Currently, the MSC Group offers container, passenger, terminal, and logistics services on a global scale.

Since 2022, MSC has held the status of the largest container carrier worldwide, and now operates 830 vessels on over 300 routes, transporting 24.5 million TEUs of cargo annually. With 675 offices in 155 countries, the company continually expands its position in the market.

MSC Poland, operating in the Polish market for over 25 years, is synonymous with close customer relationships and flexibility in responding to their needs. The company's offerings include both maritime and land transportation as well as logistical solutions. In addition, solutions such as Extended Protection (EPR) and electronic Bills of Lading (eBL) provide customers with the accompanying tools they need to move cargo efficiently and effortlessly.

Considering the growing importance of intermodal transportation in Poland, MSC Poland offers proprietary rail services connecting the country's main ports with industrial regions. The wide network of connections and competitive transit times make the company's offering attractive to customers from all markets, from motor parts to furniture to food.

For detailed information on the offerings of MSC Poland and its support capabilities in meeting your transportation needs, you can contact the company's team at

More information available on the website: Intermodal Transportation & Haulage Solutions | MSC.

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