New Public Terminal in Gdynia already in operation [VIDEO] -
New Public Terminal in Gdynia already in operation [VIDEO]
Date of publication: 20.06.2022

According to the schedule, on Friday, June 17, at 19:30, the first ship departed from the new Public Ferry Terminal in Gdynia. It was the Stena Spirit ferry, which traditionally headed for Karlskrona, Sweden. It took about 600 passengers, 140 cars and 40 trucks on board.

Almost 600 passengers of the ferry Stena Spirit were the first to check in at the newly opened Public Ferry Terminal in Gdynia. The ship that took them to Karlskrona in Sweden left the new terminal in Gdynia on Friday 17th June 2022 at 19:30. The historic departure was watched by Gdynia Port Vice President Kazimierz Koralewski and Stena Line Managing Director Marek Kiersnowski.

As Koralewski stressed, this is a very important day in the history of the Port of Gdynia.

- The new terminal is close to the center of Gdynia, it is very easy to get here. And it is very modern. Check-in went very smoothly - said Martyna from Warsaw, who with her husband was one of the first to use the facilities of the new terminal. The first departure of the ship gathered a group of Gdynia citizens who watched the departure of the ferry from the quay.

According to Port of Gdynia, the Public Ferry Terminal in Gdynia is one of the newest and most modern on the Baltic Sea. It is located near the main entrance to the port, at the Polish Quay. The whole area covers over 6 hectares and includes the main building, parking area and infrastructure, including the ramp that allows simultaneous entry of cars on two decks of the ferry.

Development of the ferry industry

- Recent years have been a period of intensive development of our line. Both Gdynia and Karlskrona have become key points not only for our region but for the whole Europe thanks to the Motorway of the Sea status that our connection has gained. The beginning of operations of the new Public Ferry Terminal in Gdynia is also the beginning of a new stage for Stena Line. - said Marek Kiersnowski, Managing Director of Stena Line Poland. - We will soon introduce new 240 m long E-Flexer vessels on Gdynia-Karlskrona line. The new terminal and our new vessels will enable further development of freight and passenger services, which will strengthen the transport hub in Gdynia and consequently boost business for our customers, as well as trade between Poland and Scandinavia.

Moving the Stena Line operations to the new ferry terminal in Gdynia allows Stena Line to introduce a new generation of vessels: fuel-efficient, setting new standards in reducing emissions. Two brand new 240 m long E-Flexer ferries will soon join the fleet on the Gdynia-Karlskrona route. Each of them has 3600 metres of loading area and can take up to 1200 passengers. The first of them, Stena Estelle, has just been taken over from the shipyard and will start operating this summer.

New infrastructure and green solutions

The location of the new terminal is conducive to the development of the freight sector, as well as the future implementation of intermodal solutions in the ferry-railway relationship. The new terminal also enables the introduction of modern improvements to port operations, such as the Smart Gate, which automates the pick-up and drop-off of trailers. Sustainable transport is another very important issue for Stena Line. At the Public Ferry Terminal it will be possible to introduce "green port" ideas, among them shore power for the vessels while at berth, which will reduce emissions.

The new ferry terminal is also a convenience for passengers. The modern building offers much more space and a waiting area with beautiful sea views. It is located in a walking distance from the city center, in an interesting tourist location, in close proximity to the Emigration Museum, which is located in the historic building of the Marine Station - one of the most important tourist attractions in Gdynia.

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