PG Eksploatacja: the new crane has arrived, it will start working any moment -
PG Eksploatacja: the new crane has arrived, it will start working any moment
Date of publication: 06.07.2023

Transshipment operator Port Gdański Eksploatacja has been equipped with a new multifunctional crane. The second of the three ordered Liebherr LHM 550 cranes arrived yesterday from the factory in Rostock, and today left the ship's deck to the wharf in Gdańsk.

Yesterday, June 13, late in the evening at the Dworzec Drzewny quay at the Port of Gdańsk, a 105-metre Meri ship designed to transport heavy and oversized cargo moored. On board was a new acquisition of the Port Gdański Eksploatacja – the new Liebherr LHM 550 port crane.

This is the second crane of this type in PG Eksploatacja, out of three that will work on the quays in Gdańsk. The first was delivered to Gdańsk in the winter, and the third is expected at the end of 2023. Artur Lass, proxy at PG Eksploatacja, emphasizes that the first Liebherr LHM 550 works perfectly, hence the decision to order more.

– The first crane has worked over 5,600 hours since the beginning of its operation and has fully proven itself during this period of very intensive coal handling. We decided to continue our cooperation with Liebherr and order another two harbor cranes of the same type. This is a procedure aimed at modernizing our infrastructure. Our contractors pose more and more challenges to us and require faster reloading, shortening the stay of the ship in the port. We meet these needs – explains Lass.

Artur Lass points out that the Liebherr LHM 550 is a universal crane – thanks to the wide catalog of available grabs, some of which arrived in Gdańsk together with the crane itself, it allows to reload many different goods – coal, grain, ores, scrap metal, but also containerized loads, regardless of container size. Importantly, it is also a mobile machine. The new Liebherr rolled off on its own wheels from Meri's deck.

– The crane is mounted on a chassis that consists of 72 wheels. This enables full mobility and virtually 100% use of the quay – describes Artur Lass. He adds that all three new cranes will work on the Dworzec Drzewny quay, recently renovated by the Port of Gdańsk Authority, but thanks to their mobility, they will also carry out transshipments in the vicinity, on the Rudowe Quay, near the Górniczy Basin.

The new Liebherr LHM 550 weighs over 400 tonnes. Its independent lifting capacity, depending on the arm's deflection, is up to 100 tons. However, the crane differs slightly from the one already working at PG Eksploatacja. It can work thanks to a classic diesel engine, but also thanks to an electric motor, which allows the use of electricity from renewable sources, and thus reduces the emissions generated during the operation of the machine. But that's not all.

– The grapple of this new Liebherr will hold 28 tons of coal, while the grapple of this old crane will hold around 8-9 tons. Thanks to this, we limit the number of movements that the crane has to make and thus limit the activities that cause dusting, which we are all struggling with now – explains Artur Lass.

Interestingly, the new crane can work hand in hand with its older brother. Both cranes can operate in the so-called convergent mode, thanks to which they are able to jointly reload goods up to 250 tons. Therefore, PG Eksploatacja, together with the receipt of the delivery of the new machine, expanded the portfolio of its services to include large-size reloading.

Both cranes in action at the Port of Gdańsk Eksploatacja can be seen soon.

– We already have experience in operating this type of cranes, we have a team that will finish training in a moment, so the introduction of the second Liebherr into operational operation will take place practically any moment – says Artur Lass, proxy at Port Gdański Eksploatacja.

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