Siark-Port reloads fertilizers in the Duty Free Zone at the Port of Gdańsk [VIDEO] -
Siark-Port reloads fertilizers in the Duty Free Zone at the Port of Gdańsk [VIDEO]
Date of publication: 22.01.2022

About 1.5 million tons of cargo are transshipped by Siark-Port annually, including 240 thousand tons of fertilizers. A large part of these operations takes place in the Duty Free Zone at the Port of Gdańsk, where Siark-Port is the operator on one of the quays.

Siark-Port carries out reloading at the Obrońców Poczty Polskiej Quay. However, the space there is limited and the demand for reloading services is high. Therefore, the company also uses the wharf in the Duty Free Zone (Wolny Obszar Celny, WOC)

- We carry out the reloading of fertilizers with the simultaneous packaging there - says Agnieszka Groth, sales specialist at Siark-Port. She adds that fertilizers transferred to the DFZ belong to the group of neutral fertilizers.

In the area of DFZ Siark-Port can handle ships up to 175 meters in length and about 12 thousand DWT with a maximum draft of 8.5 meters. Cargo is reloaded with two 16-ton cranes, two sets of patented fertilizer unit devices and mechanized equipment, incl. forklifts and telehandlers. In 2021, Siark-Port purchased two new Kalmar type terminal tractors along with six trailers, which allowed the transport of goods from the wharf to the storage yard with better efficiency.

Siark-Port reloads loose cargo arriving on ships - these are transferred to packaging equipment and packed in special big bags of 500 or 600 kilograms. It also happens that ships with cargo already packed in big bags arrive at the DFZ quay - then the bags are transferred directly to truck trailers or to a storage yard, which is also located in the Duty Free Zone. Bagged goods are stored on pallets and secured with tarpaulins.

The packaging of mineral fertilizers takes place directly under the ship's side. However, this is not a question of space, but of cost and security. Thus, the load does not have to be transported between warehouses in bulk. Thanks to this, cargo is not exposed to contamination and dirt, it goes to bags in the same quality as it was transported in the ship's hold.

Siark-Port handles not only the reloading of fertilizers. The company is also prepared to handle other dry goods, such as sulfur, aggregates or grains, as well as liquid products, e.g. petroleum derivatives or vegetable oils. General cargo, such as steel products, wood, building materials and oversized goods, is also reloaded here. Loads arrive at Siark-Port in various forms.

- The company's clients benefit from the presence of Siark-Port in the Duty Free Zone. Thanks to the rules in place at the terminal located around the Władysław IV Basin, at the entrance to the inner port in Gdańsk, it is particularly attractive to importers from outside the European Union. From the point of view of customs and taxes, it is treated like foreign countries. Payment of duties and taxes is suspended on its territory. The fees have to be paid only when the goods are exported outside the border of the WOC - says Anna Drozd, press spokeswoman for the Port of Gdańsk.

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