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What drives young people in the offshore wind industry? [VIDEO]
Date of publication: 22.03.2023

The echo of last week's Edu Offshore Wind career fair is still alive. The event turned out to be a spectacular success. The industry intrigued young people with a wide range of attractions related to work in offshore wind energy.

Within two days, AmberExpo was visited by exactly 4,813 secondary school students and about 160 teachers representing 81 institutions. In addition, the exhibition was also seen by 80 parents and 362 students. At the fair, 76 exhibitors with stands and 81 exhibitors and sponsors without stands presented their offers.

Among the exhibitors who took part in the debut fair, there were both companies directly involved in erecting wind farms in the Baltic Sea, as well as those that create their supply chains.

During the event, the focus was on the problem of the shortage of qualified staff that will be able to undertake the tasks appropriate for the emerging OWE industry in Poland. The organizers' priority was therefore to inspire young people to consider their professional future in this sector.

The young people were clearly fascinated by the numerous prospects resulting from the involvement in building Polish offshore winds. Working in offshore wind energy is an opportunity for excellent remuneration, participation in the civilizational mission of energy transformation and direct access to the latest technologies. It is also a task, especially for those with the temperament of pioneers.

We asked the representatives of the companies creating this innovative industry in Poland about the benefits of a career in offshore winds. 

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