Agroport is to be built in Gdańsk -
Agroport is to be built in Gdańsk
Date of publication: 30.12.2021

- A decision has been made that a specialized port, the so-called Agroport, will be built in Gdańsk, which will be used by agriculture to reload food and fertilizers - Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Grzegorz Witkowski told PAP (Polish Press Agency).

- The decision was made to build Agroport in Gdańsk. We also want to interest the port in Świnoujście in this project - Witkowski told PAP.

- Next year, we plan to start work in order to ultimately have two Agroports dedicated to the Ministry of Agriculture - he added.

The deputy minister explained that fruit, vegetables and meat would be exported from these ports, and fertilizers would be imported to Poland.

Witkowski announced that the investor will be a company established by the minister of agriculture called Agroport SA and will invest a total of PLN 500 million in each of these two locations from the state budget.

He reminded that in the port of Świnoujście there is already a large grain warehouse controlled by OT Logistics.

Source: PAP

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