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Hybrid tug Fairplay 85 at the Port of Gdynia
Date of publication: 09.03.2023

A new tugboat has arrived at the Port of Gdynia. The Fairplay 85, transferred from Szczecin, has started work here, which stands out with several elements compared to similar units.

Fairplay Towage's fleet of tugboats consists of over 80 vessels, but only two of them can boast of a hybrid drive. One of such ships is the Fairplay Towage Polska Fairplay 85, which has so far worked in Hamburg and Szczecin, and has been working at the Port of Gdynia for several days now.

Fairplay 85 is a less than 30-meter long tugboat with a bollard pull of 90 tons. The unit can reach a speed of 12.5 knots. She was built in the Spanish Astilleros Armon shipyard and handed over to the shipowner in 2015.

The tug has a hybrid drive. The highest power, and thus the maximum pull on the pile, Fairplay 85 is achieved in the "boost" mode, when the electric motors of the unit are powered by three power generators. In turn, in the "eco" mode, the ship works on one generator. Others are turned on as needed.

The Fairplay 85 is also distinguished by a slightly different hull shape than usual. The vessel is slightly longer and wider than the Fairplay-37, also operating in Gdynia, and at 30 meters long, it is 13.5 meters wide. The unit has been designed to work in sheltered waters, ports and terminals. A slightly different shape of the hull gives her better maneuverability and course stability both ahead and astern in such conditions. This, in turn, allows it to use the full power of the engines in no time.

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