PERN announced a tender for the expansion of the fuel base in Dębogórze -
PERN announced a tender for the expansion of the fuel base in Dębogórze
Date of publication: 23.01.2024

The capacity of the PERN fuel base in Dębogórze, which stores products delivered to Poland by sea, will increase by 150,000 cubic meters. A tender for the construction of three new diesel tanks has started. Offers can be submitted until March 14.

Informing about the planned investment in Dębogórze on Monday, PERN emphasized that it will be implemented as "the next stage of the expansion of the company's fuel bases". As noted in the announcement, the base, which stores deliveries of fuel imported to Poland by sea, will increase its capacity by 150,000 cubic meters

"The tender for the construction of three new diesel tanks with accompanying infrastructure with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters each has just started," PERN announced, referring to its plans to expand the base in Dębogórze. The company announced that offers under this procedure can be submitted until March 14.

"The construction of further tanks is the company's response to market needs and a significant increase in interest in the services provided," PERN emphasized. He explained that "the new infrastructure will allow for the storage of emergency stocks and more flexible fuel trading."

PERN reminded that, according to its investment plan, expenditure on tangible investments this year will amount to almost PLN 450 million, and for renovations - approximately PLN 90 million.

At the same time, the company emphasized that this year's plans "have a total of approximately 400 new tasks", both from the investment plan and the renovation plan, including "several key investments, which include the development of the base in Dębogórze".

At the same time, PERN mentioned that "it is a key company managing critical infrastructure" that has 19 fuel bases throughout Poland with a total capacity of over 2.6 million cubic meters and 4 crude oil bases, the total capacity of which is over 4.1 million cubic meters.

PERN, based in Płock, is a strategic entity for Poland's energy security, which is responsible for pumping crude oil through pipelines in Poland to the Orlen Group refineries in Płock and Gdańsk, as well as to two refineries in Germany - Schwedt and Leuna, and for storing it in its bases in country both raw materials and liquid fuels.

For several years, PERN has been implementing the "Mega Investment Program", i.e. priority projects related to managed critical infrastructure that are intended to increase Poland's energy security.

The PERN Group includes, among others: Naftoport based in Gdańsk (66.67 percent of shares) - the largest transhipment terminal in Poland for crude oil and petroleum products delivered by tankers.

Recently, PERN reported that last year Naftoport transhipped almost 37 million tons of crude oil and liquid fuels, which means an increase by as much as half compared to 2022, while the fuel base in Dębogórze received 3 million tons of diesel oil delivered by tankers in the same period to the Port of Gdynia, also half as much as in 2022.

According to PERN, last year 471 ships were accepted and serviced at Naftoport, compared to 363 tankers a year earlier, while 93 tankers were unloaded at the fuel base in Dębogórze - 26 more than a year earlier. "This is the result of the reorientation of the directions of raw material and fuel supplies to Poland caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine and the departure from Russian hydrocarbons, which is a pan-European phenomenon," the company explained.

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