The Elbląg Sea Port is starting to monitor air quality -
The Elbląg Sea Port is starting to monitor air quality
Date of publication: 19.01.2022

The Gdynia-based company SeaData installed the first YetiBox device for monitoring PM10 and PM2.5 dust concentrations in the Elbląg Sea Port. Air quality monitoring is one of the main elements of the CORAL project carried out by SeaData and BGEO (Spain) and WaterRobotics (France).

CORAL is an analytical platform designed for small and medium-sized ports that includes:

• environmental monitoring: water and air drones collecting data on water / air pollution as well as buoys and YetiBox devices for constant monitoring,

• a system for monitoring vessel traffic in the port / marina and managing quays / reservations (in the case of a marina),

• database, including GIS, spreadsheets, statistics, etc.

These systems will be included in one comprehensive platform - tailored to the needs of a given client. The CORAL platform will also be flexible, as it is possible to sell systems individually - depending on the customer's preferences. In Poland, all elements of the CORAL platform will be tested and installed at the Port of Elbląg, and the capabilities of the environmental monitoring system will be demonstrated at the Port of Gdansk.

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